domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Lublin, Poland. How to get there? - Traveler's guide.

Are you planning to go to Lublin, Poland? Here i give you tips to get there!

First of all i will consider you will go to Lublin from Warsaw (Poland's capital).

There are small buses that get there. The company name is Contbus. They have a homepage where you can book your trip. However, in order to book, you have to register in the website. To achieve this, you must submit a Polish Social Security Number, which seems hard to invent, since it is based on a quite large formula. There's nothing to worry about because there are usually buses every 30 or 60 minutes. For example, the buses departures at 7am, 8am, 8:45am, 9am, 9:45am ... If you haven't booked a trip, then you'll have to wait that the people, who has already paid a ticket through the internet, get into the bus first. Usually few people have a reservation. The price in july 2012 was 30 Polish złoty. The Contbus stop is located very close to the Mariott Hotel in the center of Warsaw. Another reference is the Railway Central Station.

The distance between Warsaw and Lublin is more than 200km. It means that it takes more than 2 hours. I remember it was like 2:30 hours. The driver was driving quite fast. The landscape is beautiful, specially on the right side. So, if you like taking pictures, get your camera prepared! There are also little towns with beautiful churches :)

There are only two stops: the first one is when Lublin starts. The second one and final one is close to the Lublin's central bus station. The castle is one block away. This castle is on top of a hill. Really nice to visit, by the way.

When you get there, you'll surely be wondering about where you can take the Contbus to get back to Warsaw. The Contbus stop is right behind the Central Bus Station. This means, on the other side. Here i show how the Contbus stop looks like in Lublin. The stop is actually on the street. On the wall there are lots of schedules of all the bus companies that work there. You'll see all the Contbus timetables ;)

sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

IELTS tips: Writing

My friend Andrew has just got back from London. He took an intensive English course there.
I asked him for tips for the IELTS writing. He gave me three simple advice:

1.- Rephrase the topic. This means, use synonyms! Try to avoid usuing the same words written on the task. Give your first point of view.
2.- Present opposite opinions. Support your opinion with arguments and with two examples.
3.- Give a conclusion but never introduce new ideas.